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Outpatient Services

Depression / Anxiety / Mood Disorders

Mood is defined as a pervasive ongoing emotion that colors the person’s perception of the world. These disorders can be have variations in depth, intensity, duration and fluctuations. It is vital to the recovery process that the person be appropriately evaluated in all of these variations as there are many forms of depression and anxiety. Mood disorders are always manageable and sometimes can be totally resolved with psychotherapy alone. Medications are often useful in the treatment as well and your counselor will work with our medical staff to work with you utilizing the best possible approach to good emotional health.

Mental Evaluations

The initial session for any patient here will utilize what is called a “Bio-Psycho-Social” evaluation that takes into account where you are today and some review of the past few weeks or months that might provide some insight into your present condition. This process is ongoing over the first few sessions as sometimes conditions can change over the first few weeks in treatment. We will never ask you, however, to discuss anything that you are not prepared to share so that this evaluation process can be one that provides you with helpful awareness rather than more discomfort.

Individual Therapy

Most of the problems that bring patients to The Ringer Center can be effectively treated in individual counseling sessions . You will make a treatment plan with your therapist and decide how often your sessions will occur. Individual therapy allows you to discuss your thoughts and feelings with your own therapist who is here to help you by providing confidential useful interventions that can be utilized long after your therapy is completed.

Marriage Counseling / Couples Therapy

The Ringer Center offers two licensed Marriage and Family Therapists who specialize in working with adults in their intimate relationships. This is a unique and different area of expertise and one that should not be left to the general therapist regimen as is often claimed by clinicians. The LMFT designation indicates that your therapist has spent over three hundred hours in education and training to work specifically with couples and families. There are specific approaches to treatment that should not be practiced without skillful experience such as is found with our therapists.

Family Therapy

One of the unique and necessary elements found here at The Ringer Center are offices that are spacious and comfortable for family therapy sessions. We often may need to schedule these sessions in the early evenings or even on a weekend if necessary. Family therapy is a specialized area and our licensed family therapists will work to help you resolve whatever is causing the problems in your family.

Stress Management

Stress is defined as anything that causes undue or excessive discomfort. These psychosocial stressors can be acute events with mild, moderate, severe, extreme or even catastrophic consequences. We will utilize effective tools that will help you learn how to better manage these stressors.

Alcohol & Drug Treatment

We offer a continuum of care for those suffering from alcohol or other drug abuse beginning with an initial evaluation with the clinical director or an equally qualified and licensed substance abuse counselor. We offer an “ambulatory detox” or outpatient detox services that often utilize the same medications one might receive while in a hospital setting. The patient can continue to work and live at home while beginning an outpatient treatment regimen created just for them. We can provide individual, group, family and medication management services to those seeking treatment for substance abuse. Most, if not all, of these services are covered by insurance. If not, we will make a payment plan to allow virtually anyone access to these services. We only ask that you come prepared to do the work necessary to make recovery from substance abuse a reality for you. The Ringer Center offers the only Intensive Outpatient Programs in the Greensboro area that meet in the mornings, at noon and in the evenings. No matter what your schedule we can design a program that will work for you.

Other Addictions including Sex, Gambling, Internet & Smoking

The new Diagnostic Manual of Mental and emotional disorders now recognizes these other addictions as mental/emotional disorders and we have protocols that we can utilize to help you effectively recover from any of these addictive behaviors. We have our own medical staff to help with medications that are often useful in treating these other non-alcohol or non-drug related addictions. These medications are not habit forming but can often aid the patient in learning how to change these obsessive and compulsive behavior patterns.

Drug Detoxification

We offer what is called “Ambulatory Detox Services” or simply outpatient detoxification. We use Suboxone for helping the Opiate addict successfully “detox” from their present condition over an approximate Seven to Ten day period while they are actively participating in our Intensive Outpatient Program. These medications are managed with the help of a local pharmacy that distributes the medication on a week to week basis. Alcohol dependency can some times require a five to seven day detoxification period with the use of Librium, the same drug one might be given while in the detox ward at a local hospital. If you have someone who can help you manage this alcohol outpatient detox then this might be the best option for you. There are protocols available to help virtually anyone successfully wean themselves off their drug of choice with the help of our experienced staff. This is our fifteenth year offering these services.

DWI Assessments / Treatment

Receiving a DWI is a difficult experience to say the least. We know as we have been there before too. We offer DWI assessments normally within a 24 to 48 hour period and our fee is a flat $100. We do not charge the usual additional $10 to $15 fee for obtaining your driving record. We work with all of the local attorneys so that you are not required to transfer documents back and forth. When you go to court the judge will know that you have received an accurate assessment from an established agency with a reputation for quality. If you have already had an assessment and are required to complete a substance abuse program then The Ringer Center is one of the only places you can go that will accept your health insurance for payment. Why pay hundreds of dollars elsewhere when we have contracted with most insurance companies to provide these treatment services at virtually no cost or low cost to you, the client and policy holder. You only need to call 336-379-7146 to schedule your assessment or your intake appointment.

First Offender’s Program

Ten years ago the local district attorney’s office was seeking treatment providers for first time offenders. The Ringer Center is one of only a few of the accepted First Offender Programs here in Greensboro area. If this is your first offense then you can come for your initial evaluation and we will determine what level of education or treatment you might need to insure you don’t get another charge down the road.

Urinalysis Testing

We are an outpatient outlet for urine testing for our registered clients only. We provide in house testing utilizing a five panel dipstick test upon request at a fee of $10 each. We can also send a urine out for testing with our laboratory contract agency for a ten panel quantitative test just like the DOT and other mandated tests. These ten panel tests are $35 each but only for those clients who are actively engaged in treatment here or who have been in treatment here before. Please do not call to come in just for a urine test as we do not provide these to the general public. We also test our clients who are in our IOP just to insure ongoing integrity of the program. We believe this is an essential part of the treatment process and can be very useful in helping those who lapse into old behaviors be honest so that we can continue to help them find long term recovery.

D.O.T. Assessments

We are credentialed to provide DOT assessments for those clients who have a violation due to a positive alcohol or drug test. Our S.A.P. (Substance Abuse Professional) has been providing these DOT assessment for ten years now. The fee for the initial assessment here is $175 and the follow-up assessment is $100. We can normally get the DOT offender started in this process within 24 to 48 hours depending on your availability. We strive to get the process started ASAP so that you can return to work as quickly as possible.